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Advanced Tutorial - Introduction

The dermAdvocate site supports a variety of roles.   A user's role controls what functions they are permitted to perform.  The platform is derived from the underlying content management system (CMS) called Plone.

Users who have not logged into the system at all are considered 'Anonymous.'   Anonymous users are mostly restricted to viewing information and content.

There are three important roles associated with users of the site who login

  • Member
  • Advocate
  • Editor

All three of these roles include some privileges regarding content management - i.e. the ability to add and edit articles, post Forum comments, etc.

Member status is automatically granted, without authorization or approval, to anyone who registers.  The other two roles are explicitly granted by the Site Administrator.

The purpose of this tutorial area is to expose you to some of the management interfaces you will see as a privileged user of dermAdvocate.

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