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Contributions Needed

The satisfaction of making a difference.

dermAdvocate is based on content from members.

There is real satisfaction with contributing--you've made a difference to the online community dermAdvocate.  Your contribution can then be viewed from virtually anywhere.  For the computer-phobic, email submissions are welcome (contact us).

  • First, register to become a member (It is fast, easy and free).  As a member, you are welcome to help define dictionary words, add to discussion forums, groups, and more.
  • To write articles and text entries, you must become an Advocate.  This assures that qualified contributors are authoring the content of the site (dermatologists, residents, and medical students).

Advocate status can be achieved either by;
  1. Contact us with your qualifications.
  2. Administrative credentialing after you register (members of the AAD).

Later, you will see "Contributions Needed" icon next to articles that need your input.  To contribute to a text or reference, search for a specific subject within that text and start contributing!

Taking the tour of the site (and later the editor's tour) will help you understand the site and be ready to contribute. 

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use dermAdvocate (actually, the site is easier). 

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