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goadvocate_icon Diagnosing Melanoma: D is for Different

Abandoning "Diameter"

goadvocate_icon Analysis of treatment of basal cell carcinoma: curettage vs curettage and electrodesiccation



Destructive techniques for basal cell carcinoma most frequently include curettage and electrodesiccation, but curettage alone has been studied as well. Curettage alone has the potential advantage of less scarring and therefore better cosmesis, no smoke plume, and less time required to treat.


Comparison of outcome of curettage versus curettage and electrodesiccation for treatment of basal cell carcinoma.


A retrospective review and statistical analysis was performed of studies of patients treated with curettage alone or curettage and electrodesiccation with 5 year follow up.


Cure rates for basal cell carcinoma amenable to destructive techniques showed no statistically significant difference for curettage versus curettage and electrodesiccation.


Curettage has similar cure rates to curettage and electrodesiccation for basal cell carcinoma.

*See note at end of the article regarding peer review.

goadvocate_icon Top 10 Bad Derm Terms

It's time to discard some poor dermatology terms.

goadvocate_icon Melanoma Excision Sliding Scale

A sliding scale to bridge the gap between recommended 1 and 2 centimeter excision margins for melanoma.

goadvocate_icon New ABCDE of melanoma

Update of the ABCDE mnemonic for melanoma.

goadvocate_icon The Sunscreen Fix

We need better sunscreens. Here's how to get it right.

goadvocate_icon Ban Oxybenzone Sunscreen

Due to several factors, oxybenzone should be banned from use in sunscreen.

goadvocate_icon The History of Sunscreen

Sunscreens have been used for millennia, and are still improving.

goadvocate_icon JFK and the Mad Hatters

Did President John Fitzgerald Kennedy influence the rate of skin cancer?

goadvocate_icon Nummular eczema

Review of the causes, clinical findings, and treatment of nummular eczema.

goadvocate_icon Dermatology - related Foundations and Organizations

Dermatology-related organizations with links

goadvocate_icon Dermatologists: get off the “Vitamin D deficiency” bandwagon

The term "Vitamin D deficiency" points to a disturbing trend.

goadvocate_icon Teen Tan Ban

It is time for a nationwide ban on indoor ultraviolet teen tanning.

goadvocate_icon Vitamin D, the Sun, and the Skin

As purported benefits of Vitamin D approach snake oil levels, this controversy fizzles.

goadvocate_icon Derm Disease Associations

Table of dermatologic diseases and their associations.

goadvocate_icon Eponyms and syndromes

A searchable, alphabetical list of dermatologic eponyms and syndromes.  Click here

goadvocate_icon Derm ICD-9 Codes / Dermatology ICD9 Codes updated 2011

Dermatology coding         Dermatology ICD-9 / ICD9 Codes updated 2011.

goadvocate_icon Derm Terms (Dermatology terms)

List of descriptive dermatology words and their meanings.

Newest Articles
Article iii. Gardner syndrome contributions needed

AD Dermatologic and systemic syndrome.

Articles from the Web
A national victory that will reduce teen tanning.
NY Times article on "tanning tax" provision that is part of the Health Care Bill. This economic disincentive to use tanning parlors will reduce teen tanning, and ultimately, the incidence of skin cancer.

Dermatology Online Journal
An open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995

FDA rating system for sunscreens.
An explanation of the FDA sunscreen rating.

Non-physician practice of medicine
People can be harmed when an unqualified person uses medical devices or practices medicine without proper supervision. This is the link to the ASDS position on non-physician practice of medicine.

American Academy of Dermatology
The AAD has really improved their website, and has increasingly moved toward advocacy.

Skin Deep cosmetics database
The Environmental Working Group's database of skin care products, compared to known industrial chemicals that are contained in those products. A scale of potential toxicity (from 0 to 10) is given for thousands of topical products.

Time Magazine
"Cancer and Teen Tanning; Where's the Regulation?

Tanning Beds Cause Cancer
The World Health Organization (finally) recognizes tanning beds as carcinogens.

Latest NPR story on indoor teen tanning
That Not-So-Healthy Glow: The Dangers Of Tanning Story from June 2, 2010

NPR story Parsing New FDA Sunscreen Regulations
National Public Radio looks at new Food and Drug Administration labeling requirements for sunscreens coming in 2012.

EWG's 2011 Sunscreen Guide
The Environmental Working Group's guide to sunscreens, 2011.

Investigators Uncover Tanning Salon Fallacies
Story and video link from Channel 7 news in Denver.

Tanning Testimony
Dr. Sams' testimony before the Colorado State Senate regarding indoor UV tanning

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