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Patient Handouts

Patient Handouts

Handouts for patient; may be printed and distributed as needed.
Article Sweaty feet and foot fungus
How to keep sweaty feet dry and foot fungus at bay.
Article How to use tretinoin (Retin-A)
<p>Topical application guidelines.</p>
Article Sun Protection
How to avoid ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Article Postoperative wound care (skin surgery wound care)
<p>Surgery injures the skin, and aftercare is very important to get the best healing possible.</p>
Article Dry Skin Care (and skin care for eczema)
<p>Keeping skin moist in the winter (or in dry climates) can be a challenge, but is the most important preventative measure to avoid dry, itchy skin (winter itch) and eczema.</p>

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