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Get Published!

dermAdvocate; built by derms for derms

  •     The Derm Dictionary is a work in progress; members can contribute.
  •     Text and Reference sections welcome contributions by Advocates.
  •     The Basic Science Wiki section welcomes input from hard-core scientists.

If you're already a member, feel free to add a dictionary word.
If you're an Advocate, dive into your favorite text, search for a subject, and contribute to an article.

Registering allows you to post comments and add dictionary words.

  • To contribute to Texts, you must be a dermatology professional and become an Advocate. 
  • Text articles must have a board-certified Dermatologist amongst the authors. 
  • Peer review is ongoing; articles and texts will improve organically. 

Several scenarios lead to Advocate designation;

  • You are designated an advocate by administration after joining
  • Contact us with a brief description of your qualifications. 
An administrator will give you Advocate status, and you will have permission to add content and enjoy advanced site features.

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