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Dermatology References

Dermatology References

Derm Dictionary and phrases of dermatology.  Dermatology words and phrases, like any language, are constantly evolving.  An online format allows the dictionary to change with the language. 

Members and Advocates may define words by finding the word, then clicking on the 'edit' tab, filling in the text boxes, and clicking 'save.'

The Derm Dictionary is under construction. Letters currently supported: A, B, C, D, E, F, I, J, K, L, Q, X, Y, Z

Derm Differential is based on the classic Clinical Dermatology: A Manual of Differential Diagnosis by Stanferd L. Kusch. Updated, re-organized, and available online now.

Derm Facts is an updated, online Derm Facts by Hunter H. Sams, which includes copious lists of dermatology facts and board-fodder.

Derm Path Outline is a concise summary of dermatopathology, in an online format (in progress).

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