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Dermatology Texts

Dermatology Texts on this site are informational resources in a constantly evolving online format.  They include texts on all areas of dermatology, authored by leaders in the field and vetted by professional peers.  Contributions are currently sought.

Cosmetic Derm

This text outline has been posted, and contributions are needed.

Derm Path

Dermatopathology text outline in place; contributions needed.

Derm Pharm

is a compendium of dermatologic pharmaceutical information online.  Text outline has been posted; contributions sought.

Derm Principles

The  text outline is based on Principles and Practice of Dermatology, by Drs. W. Mitchell Sams, Jr. and Peter Lynch.  Outline in place and ready for contributions.            

Derm Surgery

Text outline has been posted; contributions sought.

Submission of new articles by Advocates is welcome.  First, find the subject either by scrolling through the text or reference, or by a search.  Make sure you are in the correct area by checking the breadcrumb
Email submission of articles is welcome as well.  If you have questions about how to contribute, please contact us.

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