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Privacy Policy FAQ

1. What is privacy on the goAdvocate network?

Privacy is every individual user’s right to avoid public disclosure of personal information without the express consent by the individual to reveal that information.

2.  What is public information?  What is private information? What is personal information?

Public information is in the public domain.  An example is a member’s login name, which is used for record keeping and communication on the network.

Private information is details collected by the site but not viewable to the general public (except with the user’s permission).  Examples include name, address, and email address.

Sensitive private information includes social security number, sexual orientation, confidential medical records, race, ethnicity, and political, social, and religious beliefs.  Such information is never solicited by goAdvocate.

Personal information identifies you.  Examples are your member name, age, gender, email address, billing information, and data that can be reasonably linked to such information.  As practical, goAdvocate uses aggregate non-personal information such that individuals cannot be identified.

3.  What is a browser? 

A browser is an interface that allows navigation of objects with a connecting structure.  A web browser allows the computer user to navigate the world wide web.  (That's you, surfing).

4.  What is an IP address?

An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a computer address.  It allows devices (such as computers) to identify and communicate with each other on a network.

5.  What is a goAdvocate! member account?

Access to goAdvocate! services requires establishing a member account.  This requires providing personal information (your name, email address and password).  Personal account information is used to authenticate your access to goAdvocate services and to protect your account from unauthorized access.  goAdvocate may share personal information among goAdvocate services in order to customize content and improve services.  At times, members are tracked by cookies, which enhances your experience.  No account information is shared with any other entity except as specified in the Privacy Policy or with your prior express consent.

You may edit or terminate your account at any time through your goAdvocate Account settings.

6.  What is a Profile?

A profile is a record of a member’s unique public information.

7. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that identifies your computer when you visit a website.  The cookie allows that site to recognize you (your browser).  Cookies store member preferences and other information. You may set your browser to indicate when a cookie is being sent.  Also, you may set your browser to refuse cookies, which may cause features or services of goAdvocate to not function properly.

8. What are server logs?

goAdvocate servers automatically record the page requests made when users visit our sites.  These server logs typically include your web request, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time, and may include 1 or more cookies that uniquely identify your browser.  You are not personally identified.

9. What information does goAdvocate! receive when I click on a link?

When you click on a displayed link, goAdvocate records information related to the click.  This information is used for  purposes such as improving the quality of services. 

10. What about governmental investigation of my use of goAdvocate! services?

goAdvocate complies with valid legal process, such as recognized governmental court orders seeking personal information.  goAdvocate must comply with laws of the State of Colorado, USA.  The primary protections you have against intrusions by your government are your local privacy protection and search and seizure laws.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us.


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